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Summer Band Camp Letter


McComb High School Band

Summer Band Camp Letter


Dear Band Parents and Students:

The time has come for us to start preparing for the 2018- 2019 band season.  We have much to do before our first performance, so we ask for your patience and cooperation, so that we may have the successful season that we are anticipating.


Below is the schedule for the season.  Please keep in mind that all dates are MANDATORY  unless excused a minimum of 24 hours in advance by a director (see attendance policy). Excuses must be written and signed by a parent, guardian, or doctor.  Failure to follow this procedure can and will result in the student being placed on probation, and possibly expelled from the program.  Students, please keep in mind that being in band is a privilege, not a right; so, don’t take it for granted.

Camp Schedule:

July 16-20                                                Full Band Camp                                                 9 am - 4 pm
July 23                                               Leadership Workshop                                            9 am - 1 pm
                                              Mandatory for all drum majors and section leader candidates.
July 24                                 Hosting the "Colts Drum and Bugle Corps" of Lafayette, LA
                                                                           no rehearsal                       
July 25                                                  DCI Southern Miss                                               3 pm - 11 pm 
                                                  Ticket Cost is $20 - you will need money for food              
July 26-27                                       Camp Closing Rehearsals                                        4 pm - 8 pm
                                                    Mandatory for ALL BAND MEMBERS  




*All camps will be held on the McComb High School Campus

*All students must have a current physical BEFORE CAMP to participate in band.

*Free physicals on May 21, 2018 at the B & T.






*Cell Phones*

Cell phones may only be used during designated times… after practice and during breaks.  If are you are found using your cell phone at any other time it will be confiscated, and you will receive the necessary physical training.

What you need to wear?...


Attire for all camps and rehearsals is as follows:


Plain white t-shirt (no tank tops or muscle shirts)

Black gym shorts (no cheer shorts, or joggers)

White tennis shoes

LONG white socks

Hats are allowed during outdoor rehearsals


What you need to bring?…


We will be meeting outside everyday so items such as sunscreen, small towels, etc. may be needed.


We are also asking that each student bring two cases of water during camp, so that we may have enough water on hand for everyone.


Each student will need a binder with paper and sheet protectors.


You may bring personal water or powerade/gatorade. Bottles only.  No sodas, fruit drinks, juice, etc.


Make sure you have all of your materials daily: instrument, music, pencil, etc.

All forms in the Student Information Packet (including a physical) must be filled out COMPLETELY, and returned by the FIRST day of band camp, July 16, 2018.  Forms have been emailed to each student.


What you need to pay?…


Band fees are $65.00, which will help cover the cost of t-shirts, competition fees, snacks, travel, gloves, etc.  Fees are due by THE LAST DAY OF CAMP JULY 20TH.  The first $25.00 is due on or before June 1.  Fees may be paid to the front office, and you have the option of making small payments throughout the summer.

When do you practice?…


Band will be 1st block for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please bring the necessary items: a change of clothes, deodorant, personal cleansing items, etc. daily.  Students will be given enough time to change clothes and freshen up before their 2nd block class. It will be much cooler during these morning practices so we will be able to eliminate student being sick from heat exhaustion and avoid having rehearsals during heat advisories.  This also means we will have access to a closer practice field, and avoid conflicts with 4th block sports all together. Please be on time for school and avoid checking in unless absolutely necessary.  Being tardy will cause you to be removed from the field show.


After School Rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6 pm.

All rehearsals are mandatory.  Rehearsal attendance is apart of your grade for band class. Please see the attendance policy in the handbook for more details.

The first rehearsals after camp will be on July 31 (Tuesday) and August 2 (Thursday).


It is imperative that students go ahead and make arrangements to attend ALL rehearsals.  The schedule is set up so that:


  1. Students can have the option of working throughout the school year
  2. Students can participate in sports and band.
  3. Students can have more time in the evenings for their studies
  4. Students can participate in other after school activities
  5. We all can be home before dark

What you need to know…

Tardiness is not acceptable. It is best to be early, so that you do not receive the penalties that go along with being late.


Make sure you have the proper attire as listed above.  There are no exceptions.


Positive attitudes are a necessity for success.  Leave the negativity at the door.


Respectfulness is a requirement.  Respect your instructors, your peers, and the program. There is no other way to be.

A few notes for parents…


Thank you in advance for giving us your student and your time.  It truly takes a combined effort from all of us to make this program a success.  On the final day of camp, July 31, 2018 we would like to invite you to the first Tiger Paw Band Club Meeting of the year.  This is our awesome band booster organization.  During this meeting, we will discuss the upcoming performance schedule, do chaperone sign up, fundraising, the band handbook, etc. and your students will do a short preview performance for you.  It is imperative that you or another adult be present to receive this information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a member of the staff.


Musically Yours,


The McComb Band Staff