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Contract for School Owned Instruments



McComb Band Department

Contract for School Owned Instruments

Student Name___________________________________    School Year____________

Parent / Guardian Name__________________________________________________

Address___________________________________________ Phone________________

Instrument______________________________________     Brand________________

Serial Number___________________________________     Condition_____________

This instrument is the property of the McComb Band and is on loan until the end of the current school year. I understand that I, along with my child, am responsible for the care and maintenance of the above instrument and will promptly pay for repair due to the negligence of either myself, or my child. In addition to any repair caused by negligence, I understand that in the case of theft, or loss due to negligence, I will be required to pay the for the instrument that was lost.

The Director, at any time may place my child on a different type of instrument based on the needs of the band. If this occurs, I will not be required to purchase another mouthpiece unless I so desire. I still agree to be responsible for the proper maintenance supplies of the newly assigned instrument. I understand that school-owned instrument are repaired and proper maintenance is provided during the summer months, so that when an instrument is issued to a student, that instrument is issued in good, working order.

____ Initial here signifying you have read the above paragraphs.

Responsibility of Parent and Student

  • Purchase instrument supplies as listed in the McComb Band Handbook.
  • Provide proper care and cleaning of instrument on a regular basis.
  • Never try to repair instrument yourself! Cost of subsequent repair will be borne by the student/parent.

Responsibility of McComb Band Department

  • Repair any normal wear on the instrument.
  • Provide a proper storage case.
  • Provide a storage facility for the instrument at school.

Procedures for Confiscation of an Instrument Due to Neglect

  • First Offense: Verbal correction by the Director
  • Second Offense: Contact Parent/Guardian
  • Third Offense: The instrument will be confiscated and the student will no longer   be allowed the privilege to use a school owned instrument. If the should occur, it shall be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to provide the student with an instrument. If the student is not provided an instrument, then he/she will be removed from band.


I have read this document entirely and understand and will follow the provisions contained within.

Parent Signature ______________________________________________ Date ______________

Student Signature ______________________________________________ Date ______________

Director Signature______________________________________________ Date_______________


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